Published January 19, 2014 by dancerg1

So everyone has different opions on American idol and The Voice. Well today im telling you what i think. Well here i go. American Idol has some great judges this year i love them. There super funny. Its better than last years. The only thing is the singers r not good. I mean dont get me wrong there some good singers but not all of them. They just care bout looks and when people dont look the best and have a great voices the judges think they dont they say negetive things and hurt there feelings. The next singing compation i like is The Voice. I love The Voice better cause the judges are funny and nice. I love the judges on there they always make me laugh. The singers are so good. Even the singers dont even make it the judges say something nice and give them and hug. The judges really care bout them the dont care bout the looks they only care bout the voice. They also care bout the life and help them out. They do something differnt every year. I love the voice better and i like american idol but the voice is the best.

Please comment and tell me which singing compation you like the best and it cold be both. I just want to hear your guyes opion or thoughts.



Published January 13, 2014 by dancerg1

Hey u blogers,

i got some news for u!!!! Did u hear that Scott disick dad died last week but the really sad part is scott’s mom died and right after his mom past away then the next day his dad past away. I didn’t know how he past away but it just said that both of his parents died in the same year. I don’t like scott but i feel bad for him. Tell me what u think about it. I would love to hear ur guyes feedback.


Published December 11, 2013 by dancerg1


Have u heard macklemore?? Well i have i love him so much!!!!! Hes my favorite rapper!!! My mom and my sister just loves him. Hes a true insperation. When i saw the SAME LOVE music video it made me cry and its so inspiring. I cant even tell u how much i love macklemore. Something bout this video i just love. The message is so good and the song is good. I recomand to listen to SAME LOVE!!!! I recomand to listen to macklemore!!! Hes not like any other rapper. His rap makes sense and its bout his life what his been though. He dresses nice and care bout people and help people out. He use to do stupied stuff go to jail and do all kinds of drugs and he change his whole life around. I give him props for that. Hes just a good insperation to people. I love his rap u can understand him. So please check out SAME LOVE video it will inspire u!!! I will post up his video. Click above of my page to watch the video.


Published December 2, 2013 by dancerg1

Hey guys,

Have u seen kanye west video with kim kardashin??? I know i did. Well theres a spoof with james franco and srth regan. Its so funny. U need 2 check it out. The video is better than kanye west video. I cant stop laughing at james franco and seth regan. James franco is kanye weast and seth regan is kim kardashin. There so funny and the best video ever!!!!!!! Kim kardashin commented on the spoof video and she love it. Kanye is mad at it. Kanye get a sense of humor its a nice joke. So i hope you like the video and plz comment on it and tell me what u think.


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